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Year 2017, Month February, Day  - Any day,  today,  tomorrow. or next week.

This winter has been a warm sunny adventure for me as I travelled across the United States of America from Michigan, to Wisconsin and then down to Yuma Arizona and sometimes even to Mexico.

I rested and met many wonderful people along the way.  Now as Spring begins to unfold and the desert flowers are starting to bloom, I am headed back to Michigan, for a Psychic Expo in Kalamazoo.  See my events page for further details. 

I work  out of my office at my residence in Davisburg, Michigan, on Big Lake.  The peaceful serenity is beyond your imagination with water and nature all around.

Today marks a milestone for me as I allowed myself to step through the veil.  The guidance I received and the joy, energy and transformation emitted my entire body.  I accepted me for who I am. 

I am who I am and I will always be who I am and that my dear is a child of God, with a great gift, one of the greatest gifts your soul can receive.  That gift is peace of who I am. 

Know each one of us has gifts and information that is available to them.  I am the channel and what you need to know will be given to you.
Check out my other pages on this site, especially the Events page, as I will be in person at the listed events.

I look forward to our interactions as spirit will be guiding our time together.
In Love and Light,
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