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January 2018, Happy New Year!   How exciting to be starting another year in the midst of all that is going on around us and within us. There are many events coming in 2018.  One event that we can participate in, is on January 31st.  It's the Total Lunar Eclipse.  This is also knows as a Blood Moon, due to the reddish tinge of the eclipsed full moon.  It will be visible in large parts of the US, Northeastern Europe, Russia, Asia, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific and Australia.

As Spring is just a few months away and the flowers begin to bloom, come and join me in Kalamazoo, Michigan, for the Healing Body and Spirit Psychic Expo, in March.

This past year I met so many wonderful people, clients and vendors as well.  Each event was a blessing from Spirit.  As so many were blessed and I felt so blessed to be a part of their journey.   I'm looking forward to our next adventures this coming year.  Travelling to Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.  The people I interacted with changed my life and I felt Spirit made an impact on them as well. 

This winter I am in Yuma, Arizona.  The days are bright and sunny, warm sunshine and cool evenings.  Then when spring comes, i will be working out of my office at my residence in Davisburg, Michigan, on Big Lake.  The peaceful serenity is beyond your imagination with water and nature all around.

Each day is a new adventure as I meet people from all over the world.  Their energy is amazing and I feel so blessed to exchange words, kindness, hospitatlity   and bask in the beautiful atmosphere of Yuma, Arizona.  

I am who I am and I will always be who I am and that my dear is a child of God, with a great gift, one of the greatest gifts your soul can receive.  That gift is peace of who I am. 

Know each one of us has gifts and information that is available to them.  I am the channel and what you need to know will be given to you.
Check out my other pages on this site, especially the Events page, as I will be in person at the listed events.

I look forward to our interactions as spirit will be guiding our time together.
In Love and Light,
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