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As we are many light yearsapart – know that when one transcends time and space we will all be united in glory.   This fraction of a moment can be experienced in real-time as we, as you, excel in your glory.  Your glory as this is being referred to in none other than connecting with your inner self.

This motion, this moment can be achieved at blink of an eye.  There is much here that can be told, but for now, know that as you transcend you will also unite with those that have been with you, those that are now with you and those that have been lost and forgotten.

This story is about you, it is about me and it is about all mankind.

What I have learned by all of this is, we never die.  We leave our human bodies, but we continue to exists in the next realm. 
Another form of channeling I do is reading my clients Akashic Records.  What are Akashic Records you ask - they are simply a record/ a book for every soul, our past, present and future lives 
Do you have a habit that you have tried to break?  You will hear WHY a particular habit shows up today and understand why you just can't shake it.  You may receive a Spiritual Healing, giving you freedom and a new outlook.
Our session begins as my clients ask a question(s).  My journey to the Akashic Records brings me to a Violet Alcove.  The Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones will bring down the client's book.  Opeining to the page where the answers are written.  As my hand glides over the words, II begin to speak, giving my client the answers they so seek..
Lightwave Infusion Therapy - is a healing modality that I was attuned by Bryan DeFlores.  I connect to Lightwave Healing Energy.  Balancing my clients Chakras, their Elementals and Infuse them with Lightwave energy.   Along with Lightwave I am attuned in Reiki.  
In July, 2009 I began adding my own drawings to my Spiritual Messages. View my Spiritual Blog at 
Beginning in May, 2010 I now have a Facebook page - please stop by and visit.  I am anxious to have your comments added to my page.   Doreens Channel on Facebook.
Doreen also does Channeled Phone Readings and Channled Written Messages.
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