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Mid-Summer 2018,  Michigan is beautiful this time of year,  bright sunny days and warm starry nights.  During the months of April, May and 
June, I've been doing Channeled readings at the World of One Body, Mind Spirit Expo, in Port Huron, Ladies Night at Animal Health Clinic in Fenton and lastly Channeled Readings at the World of One Body, Mind spirit Expo in Mt. Peasant. Michigan at Soaring Eagle Casino.  

Each event is well organized and so many vendors to suit your every need and readers galore, including me..  

I was a guest speaker at the World of One Healing Body and Spirit Expo, in Port Huron.  I spoke about Channeling Your Spirit Guide. There were many in attendance and each person went through a Channeled guided mediation to Connect with their Spirit Guide.   Some received direct contact, others opened the door, their door to channel their Spirit Guide.  The energy was amazing.

At events I meet so many wonderful people, clients and vendors as well.  Each event is a blessing from Spirit.  As so many are blessed and I feel so blessed to be a part of their journey.   I'm looking forward to our next adventure, as we connect to the Spirit World.  The people I interact with change my life and I feel Spirit makes an impact on them as well. 

I am available on the phone, out of my office at my residence in Davisburg, Michigan, on Big Lake or at your group party.  My home is surrounded by water and nature, a peaceful setting.  This same serenity can be brought to you as well.

All those that I've channeled readings for and/or given them an energy infusion are amazing..  Each person's energy is unique to them.  I feel so blessed to exchange words, kindness, energy and especially messages from Spirit.

I am a child of God, with a great gift, one of the greatest gifts your soul can receive.  This gift is my peace of who I am.  This gift of contacting Spirit, contacting them to give you the messages you need to hear to continue on your miraculous journey. 

I am the channel.  I am the channel that speaks to you in Divine Space.  I am the channel speaking to you in Love and Light, giving you messages! 
Come join me at the events listed on my Events page, at my home office or your personal event.

I look forward to our interactions as spirit will be guiding our time together.

On my Spiritual Journey, I've been following Bryan de Flores at LIGHTQUEST INTERNATIONAL since 2004.  I use his multi-dimensional works of art "Accelerators" in my readings and also sell some of the Accelerator images at my events.  He is truly amazing and I've taken many of his classes and purchased many of his "Accelerators".  These are a must to see.  Check out his website, you will be amazed 

The following Language of Light designs are courtesy of Bryan de Flores at LIGHTQUEST INTERNATIONAL -

In Love and Light

For Readings you can reach me:
Phone: 248.249.7553
    Sessions(Services) range from 15 to 50 minutes
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